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VAT Included
  • Transform any room into a restful and soothing environment with our aromatherapy reed diffuser.


    Hand-crafted with eco-friendly diffuser liquid and natural scents, our beautiful diffuser has a 100ml capacity and a black metal stopper for the perfect ambiance. It also comes with five Porex E-reeds designed to create a continuous and constant aroma.


    Unlike traditional store-bought air fresheners, this innovative diffuser uses fibre reeds that are engineered to prevent clogging for a deliciously long-lasting scent. Not only do the reeds eliminate the need for flipping, the porous fibre material releases fragrance evenly along its length for optimum diffusion.


    • Diameter: 68mm
    • Height: 90mm
    • Reed sticks: 17,5cm tall
    • 100ml Fragrance
    • Approx 12 weeks lifetime

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