"I believe that every scent tells a story"


Is it the wafting notes of lilies that remind you of the perfume your mother once wore?

Maybe it’s fresh notes of a summer breeze that take you back to climbing trees in the backyard as a child?

Or perhaps it’s a cedar scent that evokes feelings of family Christmases and holiday cheer?


No matter what it is, scent can spark deep emotions and evoke vivid memories that take you on a journey.


Who I Am?


I’m Dani, and handmade candles are my passion.


Based in Bulgaria, I created Glim & Glam with a simple goal in mind: to create high-quality, eco-friendly, and beautifully fragrant aromatherapy candles meant to calm your mind and relax your body.


How it all began… 

I first started by making candles purely for my own use and experimented with fragrances that put my mind at ease and evoked feelings of comfort and warmth. Over time, I began to make aromatherapy candles for friends and family who loved them too, and so Glim & Glam was born! 

What is my mission? 

At Glim & Glam, I aim to create the highest quality candles:


  • plant-based

  • eco-friendly

  • handmade 

  • unique fragrance notes

  • designed exclusively by me


Inspired By Wanderlust

I have always loved to travel, and my wanderlust inspires each scent I create.


Each fragrance is unique and inspired by the different countries I’ve visited throughout the world. Glim & Glam candles are always handmade from 100% natural eco wax, cotton/wood wicks, and infusions of certified fragrance compositions that meet global safety standards.

My Commitment to the Environment


  • As someone with an ecological and environmental master's degree, sustainability is incredibly important to me.

  • Not only are natural soy candles twice as durable, but they have a much cleaner burn compared to paraffin-based candles which release highly toxic carcinogens into our environment.

  • Additionally, I never use any animal products in my candles, so they are vegan-friendly, too! 


The Glim & Glam Experience


​There’s nothing like the feeling of burning a candle in your home and that's always been my favorite way to relax. From the first trim of the wick to the warm, fragrant glow of the flame, a scented candle can change a simple room into a soulful sanctuary. 

Light one of Glim & Glam’s scented candles today and let it take you on a fragrant journey, to a relaxed mind, and a peaceful soul.  

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