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  • Our Handmade Wax Melter Burners, are unique creations crafted by ZEMYA, skilled pottery girls from Sofia, Bulgaria. Each Wax Melter Burner is a testament to artisanal expertise and attention to detail, available in two exquisite color variations – a classic black and white plate, or a refreshing white with a green plate.


    • Artisan Craftsmanship: ZEMYA pours passion and skill into every piece, handcrafting each Wax Melter Burner on a pottery wheel. The result is a beautifully formed, two-part burner that exudes character and uniqueness.

    • Elegant Glazing: The burners are adorned with a delightful pearly glaze, adding a touch of sophistication to complement any interior. The glaze not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also highlights the distinctive throwing marks, giving each piece a distinctive charm.

    • Functional Design: The Wax Melter Burner comprises two parts – a base with an opening to place your tea light, and a charming melting bowl on top. This thoughtful design allows you to use the burner for melting wax or essential oils, creating a tranquil atmosphere in your space.

    • Variety of Colors: Choose from the classic black and white plate for a timeless look, or opt for the white with a green plate for a refreshing touch of nature. Whatever your preference, ZEMYA ensures that each color variant is a work of art.

    • Dimensions: W8 x H9.5 x D8cm

    Unique Touch:

    Given the handmade nature of these wax burners, slight variations in size or color may occur, adding to the charm of each piece. ZEMYA takes pride in creating truly unique items, ensuring that every Wax Melter Burner is made with utmost care and attention.

    Elevate your ambiance with artisanal craftsmanship and a touch of Bulgarian artistry, making each moment a truly unique and delightful experience.

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