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  • Candles often create a warm, cozy ambiance during their burning rituals. But the process of extinguishing the flame can be pretty messy. The Candle Care Tool Set comes with everything you'll need to neatly and safely put out your candle in style: A snuffer, a wick trimmer, and an emergency candle firelighter.


    • WICK TRIMMER — This scissor-like tool will clip the ashy, excess wick, ensuring that your candle experience will be a clean burn.
    • SNUFFER — Snuffs out your flame. Simply lay the dome head over the flame for a few seconds. And voila. Extinguished flame.
    • WICK DIPPER — An alternative to the snuffer, the dipper is a smoke-free method of extinguishing your flame. Use the hook and gently submerge the wick into the molten wax, then pull it back up. Flame free! Bonus — Is your wick off-center? The dipper can also be used to adjust the placement of your wick. 
  • Made of matte black plated metal. Comes in a craft box.  Package dimensions are approximately 28.6cm by 26cm. Longest tool is roughly 22.9cm at its lengthiest.

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